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Anne Marie "Rogue"
08 July 2010 @ 10:19 pm
How's my driving? Love my Rogue? Hate her? Let me know! Be specific so I can fix what needs to be fixed or so I'll keep doing what you like!

Anon and screened on. Logging off. Have at it!
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Anne Marie "Rogue"
08 July 2010 @ 10:20 am
[Make a decision. This or That]

The whole event is surrounded by gawkers. Come to stare at the zoo, Rogue smirks to herself. Bitterness rises up in her and she quells the urge to snap, to hit someone and to yell. The space between her knuckles aches and that helps center her. The anger isn't hers. It's the ghost of a man who isn't around right now and wouldn't tell her what to do if he were. There's a press of someone at her back to distract her and she flinches, looks over her shoulder. It's just some kid with blotchy skin that could almost pass for acne if no one looked too hard.

“It's all right. You can go on ahead,” she tells the boy then steps aside to let him pass and notes that she's at the back of the line again. She's been standing in line hours, letting people pass in front of her and stalling for time. This one moment will change her whole life. Because of that, she knows she has to take her time.

Rogue isn't so old that she doesn't remember a life before her power wrecked it. She remembers normal and touch without fear. She remembers romantic dreams that seem silly now. It's not that she's got so much age on her but that fairytales end with a kiss and she can't kiss anyone. At least not the way she is now.

She goes up on her toes, craning her neck to watch as someone at the head of the line disappears into the building. Ridiculously—or maybe not—she's reminded of the stories she heard in history class; of Jews filing into gas chambers, their heads full of promises of hot showers. That's not happening here, she reminds herself. She's met some of the people who have been cured. This is a chance; a fork in the road and she's been dawdling at the apex too long. She can almost hear Logan's voice in her head telling her it's time to make a decision. The kid rings in her head so clear it makes her lips twist in a wry smirk.

“You gonna move up or just stand here all day?” a girl with a swirl of tattoos that keep changing across her skin asks.

“Yeah...sorry. I was—just distracted for a minute.” And she takes a step forward instead of letting the girl go ahead.

It's time to make a decision. Any decision as long as it's her choice.
Anne Marie "Rogue"
07 July 2010 @ 09:26 pm
Because of Rogue's power I wanted to do a special permissions for her. If she touches you (bare skin against bare skin) she will steal your character's powers (provided they have any), memories and life force as well as bits of your personality/quirks/etc. While the powers and personality are temporary, the memories are permanent. If you'd copypasta this and leave it in comments I'd appreciate it.

In a fight/time of need, can Rogue touch you in order to borrow power/life force:

If she touches your character what sort of memories/powers/personality will she be likely to get:

What sort of reaction will your character have to having their powers/life force sucked out?

Should your character be out of control/attempting to harm others can Rogue touch them as a means to subdue them:

In all instances unless previously discussed she will be letting go before there is any harm done so while it won't be pleasant for your character and they'll likely be left feeling a bit weak and powerless for a period of time (hours)they certainly won't be in danger physically because of it.
Anne Marie "Rogue"
22 June 2008 @ 08:44 pm
[What have you got to offer your partner?]

Not much. It’s not self deprecating, just the truth. I mean I think I’m an interesting enough person. I got a good personality and enough conversational skills to keep from being a total social failure. Thing is, I’m loyal, faithful and all those things you get a dog for ‘cause when it comes to the things you get a girlfriend for, I’m pretty darn useless. You see, I got this skin and touching it is fatal. It’s not like something I can help ‘cause believe me if I could, I’d make it stop. It’s not like I don’t wanna be normal. I never really got ‘round to the whole relationship stuff. My mutation manifested when I was sixteen during my first kiss. Put the guy into a coma for three weeks. Bobby, he was my first real boyfriend and things ended bad with him ‘cause we couldn’t get into the physical aspects of a relationship. Thing is, I don’t want to not be me. You know? And my mutation, it’s a part of me. Guess when it comes right down to it, I don’t have much more to offer than a dog.
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Anne Marie "Rogue"
[Who do you blame for your issues?]

Momma, Daddy for not making me feel like I was worth sticking with. Mostly though, I blame my power. It’s the reason I got the abandonment issues and the self esteem issues and the isolation issues. Before it manifested, I was a pretty normal sixteen year old. I mean sure, I guess I had body issues like most teenagers but I had a confidence then that I don’t got now. Being at Xavier’s and doing the work I do though, that’s helping. ‘Least I know I’m doing something good with my power and I’ve stopped letting it be a liability in my life. Momma always aid when life gives you lemons, make iced tea. Guess that’s what I’m doing now.
Anne Marie "Rogue"
[Talk about the one event in your life that has affected you the most.]

The thing is with the life she’s led since her power became active, there are a lot of events that have affected her life. It’s hard to single out most from the rest but when she looks in the mirror, she knows exactly which event everything else revolves around. There’s a white streak running through her hair that reminds her of the night she almost died. It reminds her of the way it felt like she was being ripped apart and made whole all at the same time. She screamed and cried until her throat was raw and then it was over. Blissful and numb.

He pulled her back and it hurt. It hurt because she felt him in her bones and in her center. It hurt because her hands ached, right between the knuckles where his claws erupt. It hurt because she felt everything they’d done to him. She felt it and saw it and it happened to her. The pain Magneto had put her through was secondary compared to what they’d done to him.

And in that moment, her pain became secondary and his overwhelmed her.
Anne Marie "Rogue"
01 June 2008 @ 06:39 pm

The edges of his dog tags are digging into the palm of her hand. They’re digging into the palm of her hand and his name is indented there, right into her skin. Her teeth are burrowing into her bottom lip and the point of her chin rests against her knees. She’s focusing on the pain and not on the fact that he’s not here. He’s not here and there’s no one to talk to. He’s not here and everything is coming apart at the seams. She didn’t get the cure and Bobby didn’t stay. Nothing is right because Jean and Scott are dead. They’re dead and he’s not and she thinks that’s why he’s not here.

The concrete floor is cold underneath her and the dog tags are still digging into her palm. She doesn’t know how long she’s been waiting and Storm is trying to get her to talk to her. She doesn’t want to talk, she doesn’t want to share and she doesn’t want to discuss why she didn’t get the cure. She wants Logan to call her kid and put his arm around her and she wants everything to be okay in a way that only he can make it.

The edges of his dog tags are digging into the palm of her hand.